An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival – Veranda Menu

Veranda Menu

2019 An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival

Did you know that the first German restaurant has arrived in Hoi An? In fact, it’s right here in An Bang Beach as you come in the main road! Check out what’s on the Veranda menu for the An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival this year.

Veranda Menu – Item # 1



Berliner Currywurst

Handmade fried pork sausage with a homemade ketchup-based curry sauce


Veranda Menu – Item # 2


Bayerischer Kartoffelsalat

Cold potato salad with apples, pickles and onions in a dressing of dill, parsley, oil and vinegar



Veranda Menu – Item # 3



Gartensalat mit grüner Soße

German style green mixed salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, watercress

and green house dressing.

Contains yogurt.


See you there!

Experience a truly unique evening out at the first An Bang Beach Food & Music Festival! We look forward to welcoming you to try the delicious German cuisine from the Veranda menu for this special night. See you on Saturday. 🙂

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