Image of a Traditional Dragon Dance at Tet celebrations in Hoi An, Vietnam

Tet Holiday Vietnam 2020: Happy Lunar New Year!

Tet is Vietnam’s biggest public holiday, so if you happen to be in Vietnam from 23rd January to the 28th, lucky you! It’s a fabulous time of the year to be in Hoi An, with the cultural shows and celebrations happening from mid-January onwards. You’ll also see the city at its busiest, as Tet is a time for reuniting with family, and those living away from home always return to their birthplace to celebrate.

What is the Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

Tet is a celebration of the Lunar New Year in Vietnam. In a country with a very strong work ethic, it’s the only time for some to take a rest. For local people it’s a time to see family, clear debts, pay respects to one’s elders both living and deceased, welcome the spring and attempt to bring as much luck for the Lunar New Year as possible. It’s a time of great positivity and hope – wander round Hoi An at this time of year and you can taste the optimism in the air.

A Vietnamese woman prepares for Tet holiday in Vietnam

When is the Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

Tet falls on a different date each year, but always in January or February. Based on the phases of the sun and the moon, in 2020 it will fall on the 25th January. 

Traditional Vietnamese Ao Dai in red, worn by a beautiful Vietnamese woman

How long is the Tet Holiday in Vietnam?

The Tet public holiday officially lasts for one week, but celebrations may last longer. Midnight on the 25th will see a great many fireworks launch into the sky, but Tet-related parties may occur any time in the few weeks beforehand. The main Tet day itself is a quieter affair, centered around the family. 

Enjoy Tet with Shore Club on An Bang Beach

Many establishments normally open 7 days a week will close over Tet, but you can join us at Shore Club for your own Tet celebrations! For a festive nibble, try our spring rolls and claypot dishes – both important features of any Tet feast. 

Flowers on display during the Vietnamese Tet festival

Why is Tet celebrated in Vietnam?

Tet is celebrated throughout Vietnam, across all of the country’s ethnic groups. The festival is intrinsically linked to many social, religious and cultural beliefs in Vietnam, including looking after one’s ancestors in the afterlife, the importance of the group over the individual, and respect for all living things.

The beginning of every Tet year is also related to a zodiac animal, which occur in 12 year cycles. Say goodbye to the 2019 year of the pig, and welcome in the year of the rat! If you were born in a rat year, 2020 is a very important year for you.

Happy Lunar New Year from all of us at Shore Club Vietnam!

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